Pastor’s Corner

As we have been on a Journey with Jesus our journey has had some twists and turns, and we have gone up some hills and sometimes seems that this moving uphill will never end and we won’t get a rest or begin to travel on even ground again. We will, my Dad always said when faced with hardships or times of uncertainty, “this too shall end.” This too shall end, we do not know exactly when but once we are through this uncertain time, we will then come through with strength and resilience we never knew we had. God is with us, you can be sure, do not get caught up in the politics, or the hype of the situation, get caught up in Christ. He is our strong tower, our place of refuge in times of trouble. He is our rock and our redeemer. Jesus will never leave us or forsake us even when things get tough! We need to stand on the promises that this journey is making us stronger as Christ Followers and stronger in our understanding of the temporary nature of the world. When we put our trust in things eternal we will not be disappointed. When we put our trust in things temporal we will. So continue to keep your trust in Christ, continue to follow His example during the tough times, continue to breathe in the Holy Spirit for he is our breath and life. We need to remember who’s we are, not where we are right now. When this is over, others will need a guide to help them see Christ maybe for the very first time, are you ready to be that guide? If you say no, work on your readiness. Read your word, become familiar with the words of Jesus and the disciples, understand they are there for your teaching. If you have questions reach out to me and we will discuss, know that I don’t have all the answers, I just know the one who does! May you stay strong, and steady in your journey now and forever! THIS TOO SHALL PASS, ARE YOU READY?

Hello There!

In Christ,

Pastor Theresa

Hello All!

I love to go Kayaking in my spare time. I have invested in them so that I can go, and I can take guests with me. I was kayaking a couple of weeks ago on a Friday. The water was a little wavier than I really wanted but my desire to go was greater than the risk of the waves, so I went. I headed out from the launch and headed toward the Causeway on the Espyville side of Lake Pymatuning. As I approached the Causeway, I found that the water was calm which made it easy to paddle. Up to this time I was working pretty hard to paddle, which I chalk up to exercise. I decided to go along the Causeway and stay close in the calmer waters. The wavy water was still there but I was not in it. As I paddled toward the Andover side of the Causeway, I looked at the birds and at the groundhog that lives on the side of the bank. It was pleasant and peaceful. I decided to continue toward Andover Beach and passed through the really rough waters that came through the bridge where the boats go from side to side. See I was on the south side of the bridge where the Causeway helped to shield the water close to it, the north side was very choppy, I wouldn’t have gone into that water, but here I am. I had to paddle hard to get through that area due to the water coming through but once I did, I appreciated the calm water beside the Causeway even more. As I was going, all of a sudden, I had this scripture come to my mind: Psalm 18:2 (NIV) 2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

You see, as I was resting in that peaceful water, God brought to my remembrance about how he is our refuge, our rock. That Causeway was the representation of the LORD is my rock. I was taking refuge in the peaceful place that was available so I could have an easy time out on the water. As I pondered this I looked to my left, that water was not any calmer it was still choppy, but where I was close to the “rock” it was calm and easy to navigate. God reminded me in that moment that when I stay closer to Him the waters are calm and easy to navigate, the farther away I get from Him is when I am in the rough waters.

We all have this opportunity to stay close to God. We need to remember as the waves of life are choppy and hard to navigate, get closer to God, He is our strong tower, our place of refuge, we will not be overtaken in the safe harbor he provides. Our job as disciples of Jesus Christ is to keep God close like Jesus did. Jesus said, “I do nothing except what I see the Father do.” We need to get this close to God, where we are always kept safe in any circumstance even when the news is bad, or the bills are overtaking our ability to pay, God will be with us, we need to get closer to Him in that moment. I forget to pray to God sometimes when the waves are getting higher, I forget because I am focusing on the wave instead of the God who calms the waves. I believe many of you also have that problem. Let’s help each other. We can remind each other when the waves are starting to get higher to pray to remember God’s goodness and the love He gives that will never go away. We need to put ourselves beside Him into that safe place he offers. We cannot expect God to do all the work, sometimes we just need to trust and call out to God.

If you are not sure how to, read the Psalms, they are full of ways to call out to God in your distress. I believe that David experienced everything we experience and God is no respecter of persons and will do for us what He did for David, for Jesus, and for the Disciples, we just need to go to our sourcebook, The Bible and look up the reference to our issue. Do this and you too, will be in a safe harbor paddling on the calm waters of your life.

May God’s peace overtake you!

Pastor Theresa